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Connor Gottfried - Artist

Bounce (Rules, Exploits, Capitalism and Chemistry)

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Every game contains a set of rules, but games also often contain what are called "exploits" - bugs or sections of code that allow a player to play outside the normal game parameters.  In Excitebike for the NES, there is a famous exploit called the "Bounce method", which allows the player to land every jump on their front wheel and can generate so much speed that they launch through the top of the screen and come back up the bottom.  The question then becomes: Is this considered "playing fair" if the "rules" of the game (as defined by the code) technically allow it?  Or is this considered cheating?

In our capitalist society, corporations also function using a set of "code" - rules for how these organizations must behave within society.  Again, within these rules there exist "exploits" that allow these corporations to function outside of what we, as citizens, consider to be the fair rules of the game.  One common exploit is called "regulatory capture", where corporations work to get politicians that they control into positions of power within the regulatory system.  This can then result in much higher profits for the companies as they can legally "cheat" (by using chemicals that are dangerous) to lower their costs.  A great example of this are dryer sheets, which often contain phthalates (a highly toxic set of compounds commonly called "forever chemicals" that can be used to produce low-cost products).  These chemicals have been known for years to be causing massive problems for human health, but by exploiting the "game" of capitalism through regulatory capture, corporations have been allowed to keep producing millions of tons of these chemicals every year.  Just like the "Bounce method" in Excitebike, this raises the question: If you can get away with it, should you?

To answer that question: When I was 14, I was playing the Street Fighter II arcade machine at the bus depot in the town I grew up in against Chippy Foster - a local kid who was a bit older.  I was using Blanka and was taking advantage of an exploit in the game that allows Blanka to continue kicking the other player in a way that doesn't let them even stand up.  Chippy turned to me and said "If you keep doing that, I'm going to punch you in the fucking face" - and he meant it, so I stopped :)
Aluminum composite paneling, acrylic, 8" IPS panel, Raspberry Pi, NES Emulator, Excite Bike ROM, controller
#NES #excitebike #bounce #dryersheets #pthalates #exploits #cheating #regulatorycapture #foreverchemicals #bouncemethod #chippyfoster #retrovideogames #vintagegames #contempoaryart #playableart

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