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Connor Gottfried - Artist


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Ever since He-man thwarted Skeltor's plans to become the Master of the Universe, Skeletor has been becoming increasingly obsessed with him.  He's even started injecting Cartood Acid™ and watching re-runs of the show they starred in together.  His henchmen have been starting to worry.

In her book "The Language of Emotions", Karla McLaren suggests that hatred can be seen as a twisted form of adoration.  With adoration we project our ideal qualities onto another person and with hatred we project what Carl Jung called our "shadow" selves - the parts of ourselves that we have repressed and consider unacceptable.  With both hatred and adoration, the person becomes deeply entwined with the subject of the emotion and they are unable to withdraw even when they begin to suffer.

Fun fact: Skeletor is actually He-man's uncle! Family relationships can definitely be challenging.

39" x 29" x 8"
Acrylic, holographic foil, gold foil, wood, paper, Raspberry Pi, 19" LCD, 11 layers of corrugated plastic

#heman #skeletor #gameboy #wutang #haters #saturdaymorningcartoons #80s #karlamclaren #carljung #contemporaryart #shadowself #nintendo #retro

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