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Connor Gottfried - Artist

Paperboy (Portable Information)

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In Atari's Paperboy (1985), your job is to throw newspapers (sheets of paper containing a portable form of the daily news) onto people's front steps. In video game design, a "port", derived from the Latin portāre, meaning "to carry", is when a game is adapted to play on a new computing platform. Just as the paperboy carries and delivers his information packages to his customers, the game developer itself also "carries" (ports) and delivers their game packages to the various computing platforms. Atari's Paperboy is one of the most ported games in the history of the industry with versions for 22 unique computing systems - including the 1985 Amstrad CPC seen here. 
Aluminum composite paneling, acrylic, 19" IPS panel, Raspberry Pi, Amstrad CPC Emulator, Paperboy ROM, controller
#paperboy #atari #1985 #AmstradCPC #port #carry #versions #delivery #gamedesign #coding #retrovideogames #vintagegames #contempoaryart #playableart

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