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Connor Gottfried - Artist

Power Played

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Imagine going 250 mph in an 80s Ferrari and controlling it entirely with the Nintendo Power Glove. This is what kids were grappling with after the launch of the Power Glove in 1989 when they jacked into the NES game Rad Racer. The device captured the imagination of a generation but completely failed to deliver on its promise of being a powerful and intuitive control interface. In the end, the Power Glove became a symbol of a potential haptic future - one that has now been realized with devices like the Meta Quest or Apple Vision Pro.
Aluminum composite paneling, acrylic, 19" IPS panel, Raspberry Pi, NES Emulator, Rad Racer ROM, controller
#nintendo #powerglove #1989 #NES #RadRacer #RadRacerII #haptic #motioncontrol #ferrari #danger #retrovideogames #vintagegames #contempoaryart #playableart

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