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Connor Gottfried - Artist


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Stand still, let me scrub that brackish line
That you got when something rose and then receded
- The Weakerthans

Our societal desire to return to the moon seems to ebb and flow much like the tides caused by the gravitation field of the moon itself. Almost a quarter of a century after the last human being has left low earth orbit, we're set to return to the moon in 2026, inspiring another generation of kids worldwide.

This is the third work in the "Switch" series - press the button on the chest of the piece to switch between the Apollo 11 video and "Lunar Lander" for the Nintendo Gameboy.
9 layers of aluminum composite paneling and acrylic, 8" IPS panel, Raspberry Pi, Gameboy Emulator, Lunar Lander ROM, controller, micro video player, Apollo 11 footage, HDMI line switcher
#LEGO #minifig #spaceman #Apollo11 #NASA #1969 #1978 #2026 #Gameboy #LunarLander #retrovideogames #vintagegames #contempoaryart #playableart

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