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Connor Gottfried - Artist

Unboxing (Pokemon Yellow)

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Youtube viewers watch nearly 6 billion hours of unboxing videos each month, but what is it that makes removing the packaging from a product so captivating? Besides the practical aspects, packaging has an aspect of theatre and tells a story, it holds the anticipation of what lies within, the element of discovery. Unboxing videos feed into a primal curiosity and desire to find what's hidden inside. In my newest piece, the packaging itself becomes the product, as the box takes on the functionality of the game and console combined.

At over 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall, this is my largest interactive piece to date. It features two screens - one a playable game of Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy Color, and the other a continuously looping 6 hour walkthrough of the game.
Aluminum composite paneling, acrylic, two 8" IPS panels, Raspberry Pi, Gameboy Color Emulator, Pokemon Yellow ROM, controller, micro mp4 player, Pokemon Yellow walkthrough video
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